About Us

We are family run restaurant serving authentic Iranian cuisine. Our passion is cooking the best quality and most reasonably priced Iranian dishes that we know and love from home. Our food is not only fresh and healthy but packed full of favour. Our name "Darbar" means "The Royal Palace".
Our all kebabs dishes are freshly marinated, wholesome and delicate flavours. Our dishes are made from chicken and lamb which are provided every day morning, bringing you a delightful taste of Iran straight to your table. Other such typical Iranian dishes like Fesenjan, Gheymeh and bamieh are slow cooked which is served with Basmati rice, also features on our extensive and varied menu.
So, whether you are after a quick light bite during your lunch break or a leisurely catch up with family and friends in the evening, we have it covered. Darbar are conveniently located 5 minutes from Manchester city centre, so why not drop by and experience some of our delicious and tasty delights for yourself?